Saturday 8 July 2017

Reckless Magic

Book 26 of 2017 is Reckless Magic from the Star Crossed series by Rachel Higginson.

This is another young adult fantasy series but it stands alone. Someone horrible said it was a cross between Twilight and Harry Potter. I want to slap that idiot. This is quite original in many ways. Being written by a woman means the female characters are not weak pathetic girly girls in love but more like Katniss in her strength and kindness.

There are irritating teenage girl moments but that soon is done with as the characters grow.

This is a series that I will continue when my brain is tired and I want a little read. Absolutely one I will enjoy.

3 magical talents out of 5.

Should I read this? Only for young adult book fans.
What did I learn? I love easy to read series and that's why I like Young Adult literature.

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