Tuesday 21 November 2017

Hidden Bodies

Book 65 is Hidden Bodies which is book 2 of the You series by Caroline Kepnes

I found the first book from this series intriguing since it was told from the point of view of a serial killer. Since then, I've read a few books in this style and a lot of them are better.

This book read less like a driven sociopath and more like a childish sociopaths. Not how I enjoy my sociopaths but I will read the next book in the series when it comes out and see if it improves.

The certainty of the killer as he is in the first book was more interesting. The chaos and devolution feels out of synch with this, especially considering the random stressors.

3 self-centered thoughts out of 5.

Should I read this? Maybe. Depends on if whether you like being in the mind of an entitled fragile little serial killer.
What did I learn? I know people who don't kill people but do process the world this way.

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