Wednesday 9 September 2015


Book 50 of 2015 is book 1 of the Wayward Pines series, Pines by Blake Crouch.

Think M. Night Shyamalan and you'll at least be prepared for the oddness and twists of this book.

Not knowing this was a TV series, I picked this book up because it was free on Kindle Unlimited. I'm glad it was free because the premis might have put me off and I'd not have read it. I am glad that I did.

This is worth the read but I can not fathom how they will make a TV show out of it. That should be interesting. Hopefully, not as bad as The Dome.

3.5 twists out of 5.

Should I read this? Yes, if you like mysteries.
What did I learn? I don't like books that don't let you solve the mystery along with the story teller.

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