Thursday 1 December 2016

How Tolouse Petite showed their racist and sexist side

This is the email I wrote to Tolouse Petite in Seattle...

I am so traumatised by the experience I had tonight that I do not know how to quantify my horror.

I went in to your bar tonight to have some dinner after a long day.

Your bar tender was rude, condescending and blatantly racist. He took my order with contempt and would not take my friend's order at all. When he asked for my ID, he treated me (a 40 year old) as a possible criminal and said he didn't give a damn how old i was. It was odd and uncomfortable.

After showing ID, we asked for recommendations for what he should eat. The bar tender said he didn't care and he chose a few things anyway. The bar manager stood away from us and referred to me as black. We got our food fast and it was good except for once dish. When we commented, the bar tender said "But you ate them all" when referring to three oysters. I said "there were three" and he looked at me and said something about trash under his voice.

When I paid the bill, I asked for a manager to voice my complaint. The bar manager came up and called me a "bitch" and said "get out". We did.

I've never been treated this way ever in my whole life.

I will share this experience with everyone I know and advocate people never frequent your establishment.

After my experience, I do not believe I will get a decent response. I have only seen the worst of your establishment. I hope something will be done to rectify the horrifying service I got.

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