Friday 13 October 2017

Where'd You Go, Bernadette

Book 51 is Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple.

Being set in Seattle, this book has been on my list and towards the top since I first heard of it. That was years ago now but I finally made it. It was such a good read that I regret not reading it sooner. The truth is, it may mean more now that I live in Seattle. All the references felt overdone but still so like home.

I understand the plight of Bernadette. I was once her. I would never want to be her again. At least not the pre-where-are-you-? time.

This book meant so much to me on so many different levels. I'm not sure it would to everyone but it did to me.

The writing is good. The reasons are good. The mystery is good. The daughter is amazing. The Microsoft bashing combined with the intersection rants are legendary.

5 way intersections out of 5.

Should I read this? If you have ever wanted to run away from you life then yes.
What did I learn? Some birds are not meant to be caged. Conformity is pain.

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