Sunday 17 December 2017

Blood Moon

Book 73 is Blood Moon which is book 2 of The Huntress series by Alexandra Sokoloff.

Having enjoyed Huntress Moon, the first book in the series 14 books ago, I was keen to get back to this series. It wasn't as easy as anticipated. I picked this up and then read one other book before picking this up again. The first chapter took me three passes before I could continue. It just didn't grab me to start.

It's good that I kept reading because with this book based mostly around the noir FBI Agent Matthew Roarke was more enjoyable than the first book. The first book is more of an insight in to the rationalised mind of a female serial killer. This was more complimentary maybe then "better" as such. Roarke ponders what made this killer while seeking the monsters he knows are in her head.

It's almost a collaboration between to broken people on opposite sides of a battle between good and evil.

This will be the last in the series that I read. The characters didn't hold on to me enough, although I did enjoy the first two books. It may not be my genre after all.

3 anatomies of a serial killer out of 5.

Should I read this? Yes to the first two books but it is up to you if you continue on through the series.
What did I learn? As we age, we perfect our art.

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