Tuesday 9 December 2014

Not Seeing Monsters

People are only human. We make mistakes. We do stupid stuff. It is mostly ok if we learn something from our stuff ups.

My aim is to live a life where I fully participate, take the opportunity to leave the world better than when I found it and cause as little pain to others as possible.

2014 was one of those years where I honoured most my ethos. Each year, I am closer to bringing my life to the point I want it to be at.

There is one fate that I seem unable to avoid. I seem unable to see the monsters that walk amongst us.

My biggest learning this year was acknowledging that I am pretty damn bad at telling when someone who is being nice to me is actually wearing a mask over their monster face.

I've had almost a full year to reflect on this and it has helped me to realise that not everyone who is nice to me, has nice intentions.

Yeah, I should know better but I like seeing the best side of people. I like believing they are good when they act good. What I do need to do is watch how they treat others and not just how nice they are to me.

An old friend once told me that someone who is nice to you but not nice to the waiter is not a nice person. That old friend was probably warning me about himself at the time. I wish I'd listened then. Oh well.

2014 was entertaining. 2015 will be brilliant.

I just have to start seeing the monsters before they become scary clowns.

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